Title: “British & Empire Campaign Medals 1792 – 1901” (volume 1)

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Author: Stephen Philip Perkins

Publication date: June 2013 (1st edition)

This all-new book is the second by S P Perkins and covers 1793 to 1902. It is volume one in the two volume campaign medal series, the other being ‘British & Irish Campaign Medals’. It contains 148 pages packed, in chronological order, with information about the military campaigns in which British and Empire (including Irish, Australian, New Zealand, African, Indian etc) citizens have taken part in from the Napoleonic wars to the 2nd Boer War. The sections on each medal include details of why it was issued, and its current market value.

See a few pages. (PDF, 3mb)

  • Full colour with many full page size images.
  • Thick glossy card cover with quality, slightly glossy, thick paper used for the pages.
  • Values for clasps and combinations of clasps.
  • Packed with tactical detail of the battles that earned the medals.

A history and price guide to the campaign medals awarded by the British government from 1793 to 1902. The history behind the medals and clasps is covered in some detail and the market values given are comprehensive and as accurate as possible.

Learn about those conflicts and the array of colourful medals that were awarded, in this all new Rotographic publication.