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Review: Stu says: “A must for anyone collecting silver hammered coins. Detailed pictures with descriptions of mints and monyers of many rulers. Very informative and with a history lesson thrown in also.Great for adults and children”.

Review from overseas: First, may I congratulate you and thank you for compiling a very useful book, particularly for people like myself who don’t live in England and are relative novices in this field as well. After a quick read through, I believe that I will find it more useful than any other single reference that I have on this subject. (E. Saugstad, WV, USA)

A history and coin book to suit novice and experienced numismatists. Lots of illustrations and a full historical background on England’s silver hammered coins from 959 to about 1662.

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Download 4 quick pages covering the last Anglo-Saxons (350kb, PDF format)

This chunky 148 page book provides an introduction to English hammered silver coins. It lightheartedly meanders its way from Anglo-Saxon King Eadgar in 959AD (the first King of all England) right through the various dynasties, up to the last hammered coins struck in about 1663 under Charles II.

On its way through the centuries it gives an outline of the important historical events and little biographies of each monarch. It also describes in detail, what was going on with the coinage at the time, the economy/world events and by way of descriptive text and great drawings of almost every hammered silver coin type, it explains how novices can correctly identify the coins to the right reign and denomination.

It’s like 2 books in one really – Great general historical info covering over 700 years, written in a friendly informative way, and a wonderful introduction to the silver hand struck coinage of England during that period.

Each coin is a historical document and this book documents those documents! An excellent book for metal detectorists too.

As the editor of this book I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as I was going through, the style is not at all stuffy like some history books can be. Even if you’re not really into history it really is easy to read and understand. Others that were involved with this project enjoyed it too, in fact, the proof-reader found it so interesting that he charged me less!

  • Hundreds of accurate line drawings of most coin types.
  •  A potted guide to English history over 700 years.
  •  Instructions on how to clean freshly dug Hammered Coins.


Low resolution page 76 showing the the introduction to the Lancastrians, Henry IV and a groat of 1412.