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Collectors Coins GB 2014:

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The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins:

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Check Your Change:

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London Coins - An excellent auctioneer of numismatic material. They don't stock the books, but deserve a link on this page because of the valuable auction price data they share with Rotographic. Colin Cooke - British coin dealer, specialist in Farthings. They don't stock the books but deserve a special mention here for providing images and some price data.

Rotographic Reseller list

To find a Rotographic title stockist near you please see the list below. If you are unable to obtain any particular title, please contact Rotographic using the form at the bottom. There are lots of shops that supply Rotographic titles and buy directly from a wholesaler, so it might be worth checking your local book/collectable shop too.

Highstreet retailer chains in the UK and Ireland:

WH Smith - Purchase the current range for most stores (out of stock titles can be ordered in) and a few back issues are usually available.

Waterstones - Purchase the current range for most stores (out of stock titles can be ordered in).

Borders - Purchase "Collectors' Coins Great Britain" in quantity so it should be available in branches. Other titles will be available on request.

Easons - Purchase "Collectors' Coins Ireland" and "Collectors' Coins Great Britain" in Easons branches across both the Republic and Northern Ireland. Easons also supply lots of other book shops too, so it may be worth checking your local book/collectable shop if you live in Ireland.

W G Foyles - Have recently started buying "Collectors' Coins Great Britain", so will know how to obtain all Rotographic titles for customers.  

Or, why not support the local non-chain retailers. They face stiff competition from the major booksellers, but are often able to provide a much better personal, even expert service:

Great Britain by Country -


Vera Trinder - Just off the Strand in Central London. All titles available from retail premises. No online ordering facilities. Telephone: 0207 836 2365. Address:

Vera Trinder Ltd,
38 Bedford St,

Spink - Bloomsbury in Central London. Some titles available from retail premises. No online ordering facilities. Telephone: 0207 836 2365. Address:. This very well known London coin dealer and auction house usually have the Roman Coin titles in stock. No online ordering facilities yet. Telephone: 0207 563 4000. Address:

Spink and Son Ltd,
69 Southampton Row,

Michael Coins - Based in North London. Major titles are stock items. No online ordering facilities. Telephone: 0207 7727 1518. Address:

Michael Coins,
6 Hillgate Street
W8 7SR.

All Gold Coins - Based in Sevenoaks, Kent. All titles are stock items. Not yet available online. Telephone: 01732 741823. Address:

Allgold Coins,
TN14 6WD.

Joan Allen Electronics - Based in Biggin Hill, Kent. Currently stock the Roman pair and England's Striking History. With online ordering facilities. Telephone: 01959 571255. Address:

Joan Allen Electronics,
190 Main Road, Biggin Hill
TN16 3BB.

Regton - Based in Birmingham. Retail premises, metal detector specialist with stock of most coin related titles: 0121 359 2379. Address:

Regton Ltd,
82 Cliveland Street,
B19 3SN.

Spin-a-Disc Promotions - Based in Halifax, Yorkshire. Retail premises, usually with all titles available: 01422 245401. Address:

Spin-a-Disc Promotions,
107 Keighley Road,
HX2 8JE.

Cambridge Coins and Jewellery - Based in the charming village of Sandy, Bedfordshire. Retail premises, usually with most books available: 01767 69 00 66. Address:

The Old Coach House
14 High Street,
Sandy, Beds
SG19 1AQ.

Collectors' World Nottingham - Retail premises, usually with all titles available: 0115 928 0347. Address:

Collectors World,
188 Woollaton Road,
Woollaton, Nottingham
NG8 1HJ.

Inter-coin - Based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Mail order and retail premises with usually all titles available. Please call for details: 01912 322064. Address:

103 Clayton Street,
NE1 5PZ.

Mr R J Marles (author) - All titles usually available with Mr Marles at his personal address near Torquay (Devon) town centre. Please call first for address details and to check availability: 01803 211316.



Lloyd Bennett - Based in Monmouth, Wales. Lloyd has limited stocks of Rotographic books and exhibits at lots of UK coin fairs. His inclusion of Rotographic titles on the website is currently poor. 01600 890634. Address:

Lloyd Bennett,
NP25 3YR.


The independent Scottish bookseller that was supplying the titles North of the Border has retired! The books will be available in larger high street retailers.

If for some reason you can't get hold of the Rotographic titles, please email info@rotographic.com  


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A few of the retailers that supply Rotographic titles:



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The text and images contained within "Roman Base Metal Coins - A Price Guide", "Roman Silver Coins - A Price Guide" and "A Numismatic Journey Through the Bible are Richard Plant, and are exclusively licensed to Christopher Henry Perkins. The text and images contained within "The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins" are Derek Francis Allen, and are exclusively licensed to Christopher Henry Perkins.