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Input the prices you paid for your coins and win all the books:

It is very important that the readers of the range of Rotographic titles are reading information that is as accurate as it can possibly be. The Rotographic researchers keep an eye on many dealers sales lists, as well as auctions (both on and off line) but it isn't possible for every coin sold in the world to be logged everyday.

This is where you come in! 

If you buy coins regularly, or have access to prices realised for Roman Coins please consider adding the details to the Rotographic database below. This will help keep the "Roman Base Metal Coins - A Price Guide" and "Roman Silver Coins - A Price Guide" up to date. Please note that there are no current plans to produce a book on Roman gold coins, however it may be something for the future, so you are welcome to input gold coin prices too. 


When a coin is purchased or seen to have been sold, please enter the relevant details below. It is very important that the price you specify is the actual price the coin sold for (often the list prices are not the same as the sale prices, as sellers sometimes offer discounts). There should be room for everything, but if there isn't please let me know via email. Entries made that are thought to be false will be removed, so will entries missing vital information. Most of the fields are not compulsory, so please just fill in what you can, instead of not bothering at all!

(The people that make the most useful entries will win all the books. See below) 


Denomination: (if known)
Special notes:
(including any catalogue ref numbers, reverse type and any other information that is relevant to identify this coin properly)  

Readable legend: (if known)
Coin size:
(in millimetres)
Grade advertised:
(*See below)
Grade in your opinion:
(*See below)
Currency priced in:
(do not include currency symbol)
Your email address:

Voluntary fields:

Your Name:
The coin was
Seller Name/company:
Type of Sale:


The first box is for the denomination, if know (and it should be for the coin to have been sold). Special notes is for anything that is needed to identify the coin. This could be the reverse type, emperor, mint name, RIC, RSC or VanMeter reference numbers etc. Grade advertised is the grade the coin/set was advertised at. Grade in your opinion is the grade in your opinion (leave blank if the same). Currency priced in is obviously the currency that the coin was priced in (default GBP). Price is of course the actual price of the coin. Voluntary fields: Please specify if The coin was purchased by you, or seen to be sold by you. Seller Name, and Type of Sale would certainly be useful to know.

*It would be easiest if you could use the British or American grading systems (British preferred because the books are written using the British system)

Win all the books:

The information submitted will be used for the pair of Roman books. At the managements discretion the biggest contributors to the database win all 6 current Rotographic publications. Judging will be carried out in September, before the new edition is published.

Thankyou for your help,

Chris Perkins


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