The following books are currently in progress:

(RE-PRINT) Arabic Coins and How to Read Them:

Out of print since 2000. Richard Plant’s “Arabic Coins and How to Read Them” remains the best introduction to Arabic coins. Work is currently in progress to turn the existing version into an eBook and probably also a limited print-run.

(NEW EDITION) Collectors’ Coins Ireland:

It’s not been forgotten, although it has been delayed a couple of times due to problems obtaining images. “Collectors’ Coins Ireland” is currently being worked on! A co-author has now been tasked with the responsibility of obtaining the price data and most of the images have been sourced to enable Rotographic to produce an Irish coin price-guide covering 1660-2001. Watch this space.

(NEW EDITION) Greek Coin Types and Their Identification:

Re-printed 14 years ago, but basically unchanged since the 1980 version. It is still probably the best book available on ancient Greek coin identification. Work is currently in progress on creating a new edition which will have weights in metric for the first time, as well as some updates and changes. The 350 page work with 2750 illustrations will also be available as an eBook and possibly as an interactive app. It’s a massive task! Watch this space.