Current stock levels/title availability. This post is for wholesalers and reflects the current level of stock across all Rotographic titles. Many of the books can be printed on demand with a turnaround of about 3-4 weeks, so with enough notice, almost anything can be made available, even in low numbers. Note that this list doesn’t usually reflect the availability of single books to retail customers.

Collectors’ Coins GB 1760-1970 (2016 ed.) – Out of stock, new ed. coming soon.
Collectors’ Coins GB 1760-1970 (2015 ed.) – In Stock
Collectors’ Coins, Decimal Issues of the UK (2017 ed.) – In Stock
Collectors’ Coins Ireland (2015 ed.) – In Stock, less than 50 left
The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins – In Stock, less than 100 left
Roman Base Metal Coins – A Price Guide – In Stock, less than 100 left
Roman Silver Coins – A Price Guide – In Stock, less than 100 left
England’s Striking History – In Stock, less than 50 left
Arabic Coins and How to Read them – In Stock
Collectors’ British Military Money – In Stock, less than 100 left
British & Empire Campaign Medals (1792-1901) – In Stock
British & Irish Campaign Medals (1899-2009) – In Stock
Numismatic Journey Through the Bible – In Stock

List updated 20/9/2017.