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During 2018 all current Rotographic titles and any future titles relating to coins or other collectables will be published using the new imprint ‘Coin Publications’. This website will remain online but will ultimately serve to direct people to the new website, which will contain up-to-date information on current and future publications.


Welcome to the website of Rotographic/Coin Publications. We are a small family run publishing company that has specialised in numismatic titles since 1965. We published the biggest selling coin book of all-time, namely “Check Your Change”, which sold 1.75 million copies in 5 years. Today we are known for our high quality accurate price-guides and reference books on modern coins, ancient coins, medals and banknotes. Currently there are 14 titles available in printed form and 12 as eBooks. For more information about these or to purchase them in eBook format, please use the menu links above

New Titles Coming Soon

cover(UPDATED EDITION) Collectors’ Coins GB 2018 (1760-1970) – coming in December 2017. See further information here.

(NEW BOOK) The Coin Colouring Book – The world’s first colouring book featuring images of coins, suitable for all ages. Ready as of October 2017. Further information here.

(UPDATED EDITION) Collectors’ Banknotes – Still being worked on!

UPDATED EDITION – Roman Base Metal Coins – a Price Guide and Roman Silver Coins – A Price Guide – During 2017 updated (new price data) versions of both books will be published, the silver coins book will be available soon (sorry the price researcher is taking his time with this one!).

(NEW EDITION) Greek Coin Types and Their Identification:

Re-printed 15 years ago, but basically unchanged since the 1980 version. It is still probably the best book available on ancient Greek coin identification. Work is currently in progress on creating a new edition which will have weights in metric for the first time, as well as some updates and changes. The 350 page work with 2750 illustrations will also be available as an eBook and possibly as an interactive app. It’s a massive task and is being worked on right now! Watch this space.

(NEW BOOK) On British Gold Sovereigns 1817 to date, Title TBC: CURRENTLY POSTPONED. An all new book by a respected gold coin specialist on British gold sovereigns, their varieties, rarity and values.

New Look Website

This dynamic new-look website is based on the WordPress system and is hosted on the Predecimal/Rotographic virtual server in Kent. The menu structure is basically the same as it used to be, but the much improved back end allows easier page changes, easier additions and a more modern formatting compared to the old HTML based website. Another big advantage of this new set up is better cross-browser compatibility, which is becoming more important as more and more people access the internet on smart phones and tablet devices with varying screen sizes and browser software.

R J Marles 29/7/1925-24/3/2013

rjmarlesSadly, the founder of Rotographic, Belgravia Press and the author of most of the Rotographic titles up to his semi-retirement from publishing in 2004, has passed away aged 87.

I will always be very grateful to him for building up Rotographic and then allowing me to take the reigns in 2004.

His legacy, which is something very few are able to achieve, is that during his lifetime he was able to educate millions and that more importantly, he was able to inspire thousands. I know that there are many people still active in the field of numismatics, from academics to hobby-collectors that all started their journey as grubby handed youngsters, their tongues poked out in concentration, ticking off their coins in his little booklets!

Richard was an avid collector of Military Money and possessed a fine collection of Military notes and also a good representative collection of Bank of England banknotes, including errors and other scarce types.

I always used to send him copies of the new books, which usually met with his approval (over email, he wasn’t one to shy away from new communication methods)! This year I waited for the new Decimal Coins of the UK to be finished before sending it together with the annual CCGB last week (May 2014). Yesterday it was returned by the post office marked that the addressee was no longer at that address. I contacted Mick Warner, his former business partner and he informed me that he had passed away.

This post will remain here in memorium. If anyone who knew him or was inspired by him would like to share any memories or add anything, please contact me and I’ll publish the words here.

Be published by Rotographic

Have you written or are you planning to write a reference book?

If you have already written, or plan to write a reference book on any subject why not consider having it published through Rotographic. You’ll find Rotographic flexible enough to produce your books no matter how specialised they are, both quickly and efficiently. Rotographic are well established with major book sellers and can easily introduce and promote your book to the major book buyers.

To have your title published by Rotographic, there are no upfront fees! All you have to do is write the book, send it to us as an electronic form, and if suitable your book will be printed and introduced to the resellers. If they think they can sell your book, then it will be published and supplied to the resellers in whatever numbers that your readership demands.

You, as the author will receive a percentage of every book sold. Contact us via email, see the contact details page.

World class Numismatic resource

Another significant numismatic resource with lots of very knowledgeable members and over 100,000 posts is my forum, which can be found here:

It’s completely free to search and to join.

Current Stock Levels

Current stock levels/title availability. This post is for wholesalers and reflects the current level of stock across all Rotographic titles. Many of the books can be printed on demand with a turnaround of about 3-4 weeks, so with enough notice, almost anything can be made available, even in low numbers. Note that this list doesn’t usually reflect the availability of single books to retail customers.

Collectors’ Coins GB 1760-1970 (2016 ed.) – Out of stock, new ed. coming soon.
Collectors’ Coins GB 1760-1970 (2015 ed.) – In Stock
Collectors’ Coins, Decimal Issues of the UK (2017 ed.) – In Stock
Collectors’ Coins Ireland (2015 ed.) – In Stock, less than 50 left
The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins – In Stock, less than 100 left
Roman Base Metal Coins – A Price Guide – In Stock, less than 100 left
Roman Silver Coins – A Price Guide – In Stock, less than 100 left
England’s Striking History – In Stock, less than 50 left
Arabic Coins and How to Read them – In Stock
Collectors’ British Military Money – In Stock, less than 100 left
British & Empire Campaign Medals (1792-1901) – In Stock
British & Irish Campaign Medals (1899-2009) – In Stock
Numismatic Journey Through the Bible – In Stock

List updated 20/9/2017.

Fraudulent emails, Stan Macnair.

I’ve had phone calls from three individuals who were concerned as they had received emails regarding a credit card payment, containing an attachment and purporting to be from Rotographic!

These emails are NOT from Rotographic, there is no one who works for Rotographic called Stan Macnair and the email address ‘’ is not used and has never been used. The attachment these messages include is an .arj file. I had no idea what an .arj file is, but it appears to be some kind of compressed archive file, similar to a .zip file. It should not be opened as it is highly likely to contain malicious files (phishing – which seems to be all the rage these days).

It’s fairly easy to fake the ‘From’ address of an email and whoever is sending these has inserted a made up Rotographic email address. The actual email text just says ‘Sales Department’ so it’s likely whoever is sending them has probably sent the same message using lots of other fake ‘From’ addresses. DO NOT open the file.

I hope it doesn’t lead to genuine Rotographic emails being blocked, as that could impact my business. If possible, please do not report or blacklist the ‘Rotographic’ email address.

Here is a copy of the message received by a Mr Owen at 12.36 on 2/9/2014:

From: Stan Macnair [] 
Sent: 02 September 2014 12:36
To: *Mr Owens email address removed*
Subject: Order no. 75829051838

Thank you for using our services!
Your order #75829051838 will be shipped on 07-09-2014.

Date: September 02, 2014. 12:12pm
Price: £122.96
Payment method: Credit card
Transaction number: F2785F73343E72

Please find the detailed information on your purchase in the attached file (sale_2014-09-02_11-35-29_75829051838.arj)

Best regards,
Sales Department
Stan Macnair

From the text I wonder if the source of these messages is from abroad, for the following reasons:

  1. sale@ is an odd email address, most native English speakers would use sales@
  2. Many (but not all) people of Scottish decent would call themselves MacNair and not Macnair.
  3. Order numbers in British English don’t tend to have a preceding # (but some do if US software is used)
  4. The phone number that appears to be a UK mobile has a preceding +, which is odd and unnecessary
  5. The phone number and the date nearer the top are separated by hyphens, which is something I have never seen in British English

CCGB2005 edition, free PDF

In the public domain as a free eBook (in PDF format) is Collectors’ Coins GB 2005 which contains outdated prices for all British non-gold coins from 1797 to 2004… Collectors’ Coins Great Britain 2005. The latest edition is greatly improved, up to date and can be purchased as an eBook here.

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