All of the current Rotographic books are available as eBooks, in MOBI (from Amazon Kindle) and ePUB format (on special request – please email). All titles will soon be available in the iTunes Apple store, which will make reading much easier for users of Apple products.

Collectors’ Coins: Great Britain 1760 – 1970 (2016 ed.) (more info on this title) 

Collectors’ Coins: Great Britain 1760 – 1970 (2015 ed.) (more info on this title) 

Collectors’ Coins Ireland 1660 – 2000 (more info on this title)

Collectors’ Coins: Decimal Issues of the UK (2016 ed.) (more info on this title)

Standard Guide to Grading British Coins (more info on this title)

England’s Striking History (more info on this title)

Roman Base Metal Coins – A Price Guide (more info on this title)

Roman Silver Coins – A Price Guide (more info on this title)

British & Empire Campaign Medals (more info on this title)

British & Irish Campaign Medals (more info on this title)

Collectors’ British Military Money (more info on this title) 

A Numismatic Journey Through the Bible (more info on this title)

Arabic Coins and How to Read Them (more info on this title)



For Kindle devices: Click the ‘Kindle’ icon next to the books listed above to purchase via Amazon UK (the eBooks are also available on the other international Amazon sites, e.g .com, .de, .fr etc and are very easy to find).

Prices for the Kindle versions fluctuate between £2-£4.50 (dependant on what Amazon decide to charge and the GBP/USD exchange rate).

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Look out for all forthcoming Rotographic books on Kindle, Android and iPhone!

Originally all the titles were available as eBooks from 2004 onwards. Things change so quickly though, and back then eBooks in PDF format were perfectly fine for the vast majority of users. Nowadays PDF eBooks are not the norm. Smartphones and eReaders have taken over as the preferred eBook reading methods (whereas it was more often the desktop or laptop PC 10 years ago)! Indeed, for a while eBooks were available in a complicated number of different formats for different devices. Some of the formats still are quite complicated, but it seems to have settled down in the last couple of years due to the popular devices becoming more flexible when it comes to the file formats they recognise. The eBook industry is now at the stage where just 2 file formats are enough to provide compatible eBooks for most of the popular devices.

It is a fairly expensive process getting books that have a complicated layout with images and tables, converted into the industry norm eBook formats. Work was started in 2013. Initially the British and Empire Medal book was converted first, as it was the newest book in print. This was followed by the Roman titles, England’s Striking History and all the others.

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